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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

About Mark

Written by Lindsey

Mark is the baby of his family with 3 older sisters, and 1 older brother. Growing up Mark enjoyed playing sports, including baseball, basketball, and volleyball.  Mark's love for adventure started when he was young. He has plenty of family memories such as camping up Big Cottonwood Canyon, Boating at Lake Powell, and fishing with his dad. He was taught by his parents to work hard even at such a young age. Mark would often be found helping his dad and older brother with projects in, and around the house and yard. 

Mark left for Snow College the year after graduating from West Jordan High School. After his first year, Mark left to serve an LDS mission in Spokane, Washington. Upon returning home,  he graduated with his Associates Degree at Snow College and moved to Logan, Utah to attend Utah State University. In 2009 Mark graduated cum laude in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning with his minor in English. After graduation Mark passed his licensure exams and is now a licensed Landscape Architect in the state of Utah. 

Mark currently works as a Project Engineer for a local company. In his spare time he enjoys being outside. His love for hunting has become his passion. He enjoys fishing, hiking, biking, woodworking, and going for walks around our neighborhood. His competitive spirit is brought out in the many games he loves to play. He is always good at everything he does, even if it's his first time trying it. Mark can usually be found in the garage building a project, or snuggling Sophie. His loving personality and motivation to do good in the world are his best qualities. He is such a great husband and a wonderful dad. 

"For this child we prayed"

1 Samuel 1:27

Marble Surface


Marble Surface

About Lindsey

Written by Mark

Lindsey is the 7th of 8 children, born and raised in Cache Valley, Utah.  As a young child she enjoyed climbing trees and making new friends. She would wear herself out while playing and be found fast asleep in the most random places, for instance, laying across a bar stool. She loved being outside and could often be found helping her dad in his massive garden. To say that Lindsey is a family person would be an understatement. She grew up in a cul-de-sac with her uncle next door, her aunt across the street and another aunt two doors down; not to mention her grandparents just a few miles away. 
Lindsey graduated from Logan High School and then attended Utah State University. In 2015 she graduated with her bachelors degree in Parks and Recreation with a minor in Family Human Development. She currently works as a full-time stay-at-home mom. 

Linds loves to tease her husband (me) about his age, since he is 9 1/2 years older. She enjoys gardening, playing with her nieces and nephews (of which there is no shortage... I have lost count), crafting and beautifying our home Joanna Gains style. She is the "techy" one in our house, I have to ask her how to run the T.V., Iphone or computer regularly and she always knows.
Linds is also great with a sewing machine but doesn't noise it abroad. She loves her exercise class, and her ice cream... I guess they equal each other out. She really is my other half. We have a saying, "Team Losch" that we always use, particularly because we are competitive, but mostly because we make the best team and we know we can accomplish anything together. I love seeing the light in Lindsey's eyes as she goofs around with her nieces and nephews, she is utterly in her element. 

"Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone,
but still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
you didn't grow under my heart, but in it."

Fleur Conkling Heyliger

Marble Surface

About Sophie

Written by Lindsey

Sophie Loscher is our newest member of our family! She has made us so happy and we are so blessed to be her parents. Sophie's sweet birth mother choose us to parent and we have been blessed to have an open adoption with her. Sophie loves to smile, laugh, run, climb, eat, play, and do all things toddler! We love having her in our home. We know that she will be a great older sister to any children that join our family. Sophie is so caring, sharing and loving. She is truly the best kid! We love our Sophie! 



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